Do you dare to become someone, who eats people and other living beings for breakfast, lunch and dinner? You can not only imagine this, but also fulfill your dreams with new hit Hungry Shark World with Megalodon(The biggest shark in game). It was released in May, 2016, and within first week it was downloaded more than ten million times. This amazing number of followers is impressive, but it gives you a hint that this application will make you admire its plot. So, what’s so fantastic about it?

First of all, it is the question of location. You will open a few places, where your character can hunt, and they are perfectly-drawn, in a cartoon way. Your shark will prove that it is hungry the very moment you see it, because it’s holding a casserole in her flipper. After you see this detail, you won’t think of her as of a big predator, and other sea creatures will smile as well. But this is a trick; it will gobble its prey with a big smile on scary mouth. Shark’s diet is very diverse: different types of fish, divers, fishermen and other creatures that can appear on its way. Your main goal is to keep your shark floating in the great ocean in search of food, because when stops, it will die of hunger.

But be careful: you shouldn’t eat everything that you see, because it may damage your health. There are many dangerous things: poisonous jellyfish, different types of waste and mines that will simply blow you up. There is a nice statistics for your predator, and you can study it whenever you want. There is a wide range of different sharks, and they all exist in real life. You can watch them in their cartoon world, and admire their stunning beauty. They are brave, and they can swim many miles in search of food, fighting with enemies. The fact is that there are a lot of fish that wants to take your place, and they will try to get rid of you.

When you start the game, you will have only one shark at your disposal, and it is the smallest in this range. When you complete missions, you get coins and gems, which are very hard to get. Game currency you can spend on upgrading, and you can improve all items in your characteristics. You can get extra money because of donating, if you are interested in the final result, not in the process of game itself. You have fifteen different sharks, and you will open them gradually, and make sure that all of them are safe and sound. Play with your friends and join the great community of Hungry Shark lovers in FaceBook and Twitter.


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