Hungry Shark World


What’s the secret of life and happiness? Every shark will give you a simple answer: tasty food that is constantly coming to your mouth. Hungry Shark World is a wonderful arcade that invites you underwater and allows you to discover many secrets of fish life. Your main goal is to feed a starving shark, and it’s not that easy to do. If you are worried about the moral side of the game, it is rather cruel. First of all, when your shark eats aquatic creatures, it is still very hungry, and it should consume very, very much. If they eat humans, they become fuller, but still they need to hunt every minute. Parents that are concerned about their kids’ psychics should know that there is a lot of blood, when sharks reach their target and gobble it. And you will hear very natural sounds of breaking bones, so you should be ready for such details.

Another question is money, because though Hungry Shark World is free, you are obliged to watch plenty of commercials. There are a lot of things that you can buy, and you often lack coins and gems. You can add currency for real money, then you can progress quicker and your results will be better. Beware: not every creature is good for a certain shark, and there are really harmful things that can cause the death of your pet. If you go on eating without major stops, your shark will get higher level, and her abilities will grow as well. Reveal all the hidden secrets and discover how sharks look like, because all of them you can see in real life.


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