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Hungry Shark is a friendly family of games that is growing day after day. The last update, Hungry Shark World, gathered ten million downloads, and this was only during the first week after the official release! In this series you are able to become a predator that appends all time in search of food. You have a pretty big choice, and you are not limited by one fish that is floating in the sea. Your main goal is to survive in this underwater world, and it may be rather difficult. You will face various conflicts, and it would take a long time and many efforts to overcome them with new mods.

Let’s start with the main principle of the Hungry Shark: you will swim across oceans, trying to find something tasty. When you open the game for the first time, you will see that there is only one shark at your disposal. When you go on playing, and complete certain missions, your lonely shark will grow, as well, as her appetite. Then you will be able to buy another shark, and develop her skills. Each next fish will be more powerful, than the previous one, and you will be able to earn more money.

There are two types of game currency: coins and gems, and you will get them for fulfilling some tasks. Gems are more precious, and they are harder to get. You have a special menu, where you can see all the statistics. Remember, that you can’t eat everything you see, because some types of marine creatures can cause damages for health. So to say, if one shark eats something with great pleasure, it doesn’t mean that the other one will be as happy, as this one. There are poisonous creatures, and you should study carefully information about that. And it shouldn’t be mentioned that consuming a naval mine will cause death of anyone, not just a shark. If you get score more than 350.000, you will be able to unlock super sharks that have interesting bonuses. Play with your friends, and don’t forget to follow the news in FaceBook and Twitter!


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