Hungry Shark gameplay


What is a real nightmare for a diver? There may be different answer, but one is really obvious: you won’t want to meet a hungry shark on your way. This predator can easily nip any bodypart or even swallow a human without chewing. And what a relief you feel, when you can control those machines of terror. This will hardly ever happen in reality, but in Hungry Shark Evolution anything is possible. All you need to do is to believe in your powers, and feed your sharks. Don’t be afraid, they won’t hurt you, and even if they eat a human being, no one will cry, because those deaths are faked. You have five sharks in the shop, and you can choose any. To make it outstanding and unique, you can buy fancy accessories and clothing. You have up to forty various levels, where you can show your courage and ability to take quick decisions. Your main goal is to stay alive, and dozens of enemies will do all their best to make all your efforts in vain. You can scare tourists and swim near beaches. If you don’t want to wait for someone to fall down, you can attack their ships, and nip people, when they fall down. Remember, that every level has its mysteries, and you should be very careful to find everything out.


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