Hungry Shark for PC


What application was downloaded more than ten million times? The obvious answer that it should be very cool to have so many people that want to try it. It’s Hungry Shark for PC, and it can become one of the most popular arcades of the decade. So, let’s see, what makes this game so inevitably attractive?

First of all, there are three unique locations that you can explore and where you can hunt. The main mission is to keep your shark full, and it would be rather difficult, because different marine creatures can’t satisfy your predator. It wants human meat, and you should float in the sea to find reckless tourists that forget about their security. You will see a lot of blood, because this part is depicted close to life. You will start game with one little shark, and you should take care of it, because when it grows, you’ll be able to unlock new species. All sharks that are portrayed in Hungry Shark World you can trace in reality, and this is one more plus to the application. If you don’t stop in the middle, you can collect seventeen different fish in one game.

Before you start, you should read tips for beginners, and if you have some problems, you can ask for help on the official page of Ubisoft. Remember that gold fish brings you coins, and exploring places with violet hazes will bring you some gems. They form your game currency that helps to progress in game. If you think that it goes too slow, you can donate some real money, and buy anything you want. Don’t forget to complete daily missions and don’t face your competitors. Join great FaceBook and Twitter community to follow the news and share your ideas.


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