Hungry Shark Evolution


Do you like to watch the endless beauty of seas and oceans, and admire their habitants? Then you should try “Hungry Shark Evolution”, where you will meet different creatures, and learn some information about them. This game becomes more and more popular with each day, and if you have never played it, then it’s high time to do it. What interesting things can you find there? First of all, you will see real sharks that behave like in usual life. They want to eat every second, and you should be very quickly. If you miss this chance, scarcely your predator will survive. Your shark will eat its prey as soon, as it sees it, but it should suit its ration. If your shark isn’t able to gobble the creature, it can attack it, and wait until the poor thing blows up. It doesn’t matter, where your food lives – underwater, or on the land, your hungry shark will be happy to receive anything, or even anybody, for it eats human as well.

You will have a set of missions that you have to complete to go on, but there is one major goal – to live, despite all circumstances. There will be a great amount of enemies, and you should be ready to defend your place of living and your prey. You should be determined, because each second of delay can turn into a complete failure. You can change a few locations and play for different sharks. Each time you complete a certain mission, you will be rewarded, and you can do some upgrading that will make your game easier and more interesting. Explore this wonderful and very dangerous world, and you can become a real shark master!


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