Hungry Shark 2020


Many of us are afraid to swim in the oceans precisely because there is a fear of sharks. It’s not baseless, we all know a bunch of examples when people swam away and were attacked by a merciless predator. We all saw in the movies how the victim behaves at this moment. But do you know what the shark is thinking about then and how it is preparing for its bloody maneuver? Of course, we are unaware of it, because we can not get into a shark’s head. Or can we? Hungry Shark 2020 makes it possible for us, at least virtually! Only here a human can become a shark for some time and experience everything this huge marine predator senses while swimming and hunting. You probably already realized that this game is very bloodthirsty and brutal. But what else can it be if here you have to play the role of one of the most dangerous predators on the planet? Find out what it’s life to be born a shark, pass all the long and tricky way from a little fish to a giant sea creature everyone is scared of. You can choose any of the evolutionary paths and become one of the most dangerous and enormous sharks existing today and even those that are already extinct. Explore your underwater surroundings, search for prey, fight and eat to grow in size- or be eaten!


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