Hungry Shark 2017 new


Do you like new sharks? Those predators kill people and scare tourists to death, but in Hungry Shark Evolution they are pretty and very funny. Your task is to feed the beast, and the most valuable food for your computers pets are humans. If you find a luscious tourist, your shark will become happy, and show some growth. You will see a lot of blood, and hear sounds of cracking bones, so you should be aware of this game cruelty. When your first shark will grow up, you’ll open new types of its brothers and sisters, and find out, whether you can find all of them in real life, or not. Earn gold coins and precious gems in order to buy fancy things for your pet, and make it grow faster. You can donate as much, as you can, then your progress will be quicker, and you will be able to complete all tasks much efficiently. Share your Hungry Shark Evolution with friends, and they will thank you.


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