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Have you ever imagined yourself being someone else? Not a human, but something other, like an animal, a bird or a fish? It’s very intriguing, because you should know all about this being: what it eats, where lives and who his enemies are. And now try to think of yourself as a big white shark that is floating in the endless ocean. How cool is it? Now you can eat tourists and attack their vessels to get more meat. When you start, you will be little, and almost harmless. But the more you will feed the beast, the more terrifying it will become. Your character is a good eater, and it won’t think too much about its ration. It will gobble small sea habitants as well as tourists and careless divers. But don’t think that you are lucky to eat whatever you want, because there are many other sharks around you, and you have to fight for your food and territory, if you will be lazy, you will die of hunger. This interesting game will show you how it’s to be on the top of the world, and be the coolest shark in the ocean!


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