Evolution New shark


Have you ever starved to death? If you felt this terrible hunger at least once in your life, then you’ll understand poor sharks that spend days and nights in search of food. They can swim hundreds of miles, only if they feel the smell of blood, and they know that they will be finally full, at least for a while. But our sharks are insatiable, and you will see this from the very moment you start the game.

You will see a little shark, and it seems to be very friendly, but this impression will quickly change the very moment it opens its mouth and shows its teeth. You will unlock more types after completing certain missions. And your main goal is to survive in cold oceanic waters. And believe me, there are a lot of terrible things that are waiting for you. The sense of your life is search of creatures that you can consume, and you will find there different fish, as well, as human beings that dive and swim in the ocean. But you should know that not everything is tasty, and some things can be very harmful to you. Jellyfish, mines and other thing can be very bad to your health, and you should watch carefully your statistics. You can earn money by completing certain tasks, both coins and gems. The last are harder to get, but they are better in local shop. If you get enough money, you can upgrade your character, and buy interesting accessories and other stuff. And all the sharks are real, though painted in cartoon style, and you can learn types of fish thanks to this game. Explore the Deep Ocean, eat as much, as you can, and share your progress with friends in FaceBook and Twitter. Keep your shark full, and survive as long, as you can, no matter how difficult it may be!


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