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Imagine that you are starving, and all the time you are in constant search of food. This isn’t that cool, because all your thoughts are occupied with the utter desire of eating, and nothing can distract you from the process of consuming. Well, then your life would be dull, because you will see no fun, and you’ll have no time to rest. But your attitude towards this situation will change, when you will enter the Hungry Shark World, where these beautiful predators will hunt and make you cheerful.

The game is made in cartoon way, but its graphics is incredibly real. When you download the Hungry Shark World, you will she a small shark that is very cute, and seems to be fairly patient. But as you feed it regularly, it grows and gives you money. There are two types of game currency: coins and gems. Coins are easier to get, but gems are more powerful. You can buy interesting thing for your fish, including various accessories and even pets. When your shark is a grown-up, you get an access to the second one. After completing all missions you will get a whole set of sharks, and almost of them you can see in real life. If you feel lack of currency, you can buy them for your real dollars, and save your time. Though, opening everything by yourself and gradually is more interesting, but it’s up to you to decide.

You have different locations that you should explore, and many shark bonuses to be discovered. Your main goal is shark feeding and surviving, but there are many surprises that are waiting for you. Now you can watch news about the game on FaceBook and Twitter, and share your progress with friends. By the way, if you have any questions, concerning the troubles with downloading, installing, saving, currency or other points, you can visit the official company page in the internet, and wait till your problem will be answered and solved.


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