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Hungry shark keeps its evolution, and Future Games released a new episode that is called Hungry Shark. You will see there a lot of interesting things, and now we’ll stop at the major points briefly, and you will get to know what’s waiting for you in this new version.

New possibilities

You can follow the news in FaceBook and Twitter, for now the Hungry Shark World is officially present there. It was a secret for a long time, but finally you get a chance to know all game stuff quickly and without long searching in the internet. Then, you will definitely appreciate new approach to graphics that takes you to a cartoon world, which is amazingly real. This is due to the fact that all sea creatures in Hungry Shark World are real, except two of them, and you can see them somewhere in the oceanarium. Except creatures that live underwater, you will meet there humans and other animals that prefer land. You can earn there coins and gems as you progress, and you can spend them the way you want. There are a lot of exciting missions, and after completing a certain number of them, you will get an access to another location. There are three stunning places that you can explore, and some very special locations that you may just admire.

Significant points

You can not only see various sharks, but you can follow their levels. The bigger this number is, the more creatures your shark can eat. They all look different, each one is beautiful in its particular way, and you can improve the statistics of each shark using your game currency. Also you will find four different menus. The first one is an overall list of things that you can do, and there you buy as many sharks, as you want. The other menu leads you to a chosen shark, where you can pick up certain features. For instance, you can add a pet to your shark, or grant it a fancy accessory, or do many interesting things with it. You can upgrade a selected fish here as well, and follow its progress. The third menu deals with locations, and here you decide where you want to go at this very moment. Here you also see the leaderboards and all the missions you have to complete by this moment. And the final fourth menu leads you to different settings, where you can set all the necessary options for your comfort. The interesting point is no blood mode, where you will find less reality, but it is more kids friendly.

Tiny details

If you select a shark, get ready to feed it. The main goal of the Hungry Shark is survival, and you should be ready to give as many fish to your predator, as it is needed. You can eat everything that is within your ration, and if you can’t eat something, it is shown what level you should get to do it. If you eat a couple of creatures one after another, you will get multiplier. Don’t forget to take care about each shark in your world; otherwise they will die of hunger. As in any game, you will have your enemies, and you should plan your strategy in order to win. Get your unique chance to explore the ocean and write your name in the world history!